Become an AI Strategist

ai strategy
data strategy


  • Basic understanding of technical areas related to data science, engineering and analytics
  • Basic understanding of business areas, such as budgeting, project and product management


Data is everywhere around us. Generative AI and deep learning ensured that the AI winter remains firmly behind us. But why do we still struggle to get value from those technologies? Except for a few tech giants, most companies - even those at the forefront of innovation in other fields, such as the automotive and energy sectors - don’t achieve the desired impact. The answer to this is a lack of a new role that is needed - that of a data and AI strategist.

In this course, we’ll define the key terms of the AI strategy field. Then, we’ll dive deeper into the concrete skills and paths you can take to become one. Finally, the bulk of the course is focused on the 3D model of doing data and AI strategy - a framework you can apply daily as a strategist.

Many of the concepts and ideas are based on my conversations with worldwide leaders in the data and AI strategy field, such as Tom Davenport, Nicolas Averseng, and Doug Laney. Those became the foundation of the Elements of Data Strategy book and serve as a companion to this course (participants get a free copy).

Data and AI strategy is a rapidly maturing field, and there’s a first movers’ advantage to all of us who dive in head first into this challenging but gratifying new career.

Who this course is for

  • Head of Data and AI who wants to prepare an operational strategy for their team
  • Chief Data Officer who wants to make their organization more innovative in data and AI
  • Senior Data Scientist, or Engineer who wants to pursue new use cases in data and AI
  • Management Consultants who work in the field of data and AI

What you’ll learn

  • The skills and experience required for the role of an AI Strategist
  • Obtain a framework for doing an AI strategy at your organization
  • The importance and wider context of AI strategy
  • Consulting and technical skills for the role