Boyan Angelov

Boyan Angelov’s journey as a technical and business leader has taken him across several domains (e-commerce, healthcare, HRTech, LegalTech and management consulting). The latter part of his career has been spent as a strategist in different managerial roles (from data strategist to CTO), but he takes advantage of his technical background in science and engineering to consult clients on all topics in data. He has overseen the development and deployment of end-to-end ML and data-intensive systems and products by leading teams of data strategists, scientists, and engineers. He has designed and delivered data strategies for organizations of all sizes (from startups to DAX5) and various industries (automotive, construction, healthcare and others). He is the author of O’Reilly’s Python and R for the Modern Data Scientist and Elements of Data Strategy. He has published research in the field of explainable AI, written articles for publications such as Handelsblatt and been at the stage in international events such as LeadDev and Data Makers Fest.