Data Scientist

My data science journey has taken me across several domains (most recently clinical trials and HRTech). Every step of the way I have provided value with my blend of creativity, expertise and leadership. My academic background in bioinformatics and computational biology has equipped me with the right data science skill set and a healthy dose of scientific skepticism and curiosity.

I have contributed to the organisations I was a part of with machine learning (specific focus on NLP), ETL and data visualization. As a leader I have been an active mentor, provided comprehensive in-house training across departments and led my own successful team.

I have an additional commitment to the development of open source technologies, mainly in the biodiversity informatics field. The long term goal of my efforts there is to provide basic science with the newest tools and frameworks in an accessible fashion.

During the years I have also amassed experience in public speaking and writing. I use those tools in combination with my extensive network to further the data science causes I care deeply about.





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