My data science journey has taken me across several domains (clinical trials, HRTech and most recently management consulting). Every step of the way I have provided value with my blend of creativity, expertise and leadership. My academic background in bioinformatics and computational biology has equipped me with the right data science skill set and a healthy dose of scientific skepticism and curiosity.

I have contributed to the organisations I was a part of with end-to-end machine learning pipelines (specific focus on NLP and spatial models). As a leader I have been an active mentor, provided comprehensive in-house training across departments and led my own successful teams.

I have an additional commitment to the development of open source software for biodiversity conservation (species distribution modeling), with several research papers published and ongoing collaborations.

During the years I have also amassed experience in public speaking and writing. I use those tools in combination with my extensive network to further the data science causes I care deeply about.

Additional detailed information is available in my LinkedIn profile.

For mentorship and advisory roles, speaking engagements or scientific collaborations feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or e-mail.

List of my latest research projects and papers: